Why Choose Us

  1. Design: There are over 100 decisions to be made when remodeling your bathroom or kitchen– everything from style to functionality. By working with one of our experienced Design Specialists you guarantee that you won’t be overlooking any of them, and that your finished bathroom will fit your style .

 2. Speed: We really can remodel most Bathrooms or Kitchens in just one week. Everyone has heard about the nightmares of the endless remodeling project. We are so certain we’ll finish on time that if we fail to keep our promise, we will pay you for every day that we are late. We don’t rush so you don’t have to sacrifice anything for speed. We have a proven system that works.

 3. Convenience: We offer the total package: all-in one service from design to product procurement to construction, full remodels, partial remodels, permits to dumpsters, you name it. You literally never have to leave your home or worry that your job will be endlessly delayed because something wasn’t done to code or not ordered. 


4. Safety: Our customers never have security concerns and don’t need to be terrified about various individuals coming in and out of their home for weeks on end. Every one of our workers is a certified MI- Builder employee – they are background checked and trained in our facilities, making our clients feel secure and safe. Our clients also report feeling happy and comfortable seeing the same qualified team on Monday as they do on Friday which allows them to go about their day without waiting around or worrying. 

5. Expert Service: We only build Bathrooms & Kitchens – hundreds so far! You wouldn’t go to a heart doctor to get your appendix out; why would you choose a contractor that doesn’t specialize? Our installers are intensively trained by us to ONLY build Kitchens & Bathrooms. That translates into our work being completely efficient and of the highest possible quality. Practice makes perfect! 

6. Price Guarantee: Many contractors will surprise you with change orders and additional costs all throughout your job. They might not share all the “extras” like permitting, dumpster costs, and required upgrades when they are trying to give you an unrealistic price that will entice you to buy. At MI- Builder, we will tell you the exact cost of your remodel, from start to finish – before we take a hammer to your walls. There won’t be anything “you didn’t think of” because we think of everything. You can sleep at night knowing that when you remodel with us, you will know everything up front and, will not incur huge cost increases.