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How do your prices and services compare to other Michigan contractors?

 MI-Builder is unique in that we are a specialty contractor focused on quality and the customer experience, rather than “burn and churn”-type work.  Since we only do kitchen &  bathroom remodeling – we work with customers who value our expertise and are seeking a reliable partner for their bathroom or kitchen project.  Our prices reflect the professionalism, personal service, and attention to detail that are our hallmarks. 

Are you one of the companies that only does big, fancy jobs?

  No, we complete jobs of all sizes – from $2,500 to over $100,000, with many customers spending somewhere between $10k-30k on a project.  Just like people, bathroom projects vary widely in size, shape, and scope. 

We have elderly relatives moving in now, so we need a tub taken out and a walk-in shower installed?

  We understand that life sometimes creates time-sensitive remodeling needs, so we work very hard to meet deadlines for clients in “pickle” situations.  We can usually accommodate requests like this, depending on the scope of work and materials desired.  Please bear in mind that a tight time horizon will limit your material choices.  If you are in this kind of situation and need service fast, call us and we will do our best to work out a solution for you. 

I’m only looking to replace a countertop and sink fixture in my bathroom?

 We are happy to do these smaller projects.  While we often replace vanity tops as part of larger jobs, we do offer standalone vanity and vanity top replacements  

We remodeled another bathroom a few years back, and the work took months.

 No, unless we’re doing a large master bath remodel or there are significant issues with your home’s plumbing.  This question usually comes from customers who have experienced a disorganized contractor who ran into problems he or she didn’t know how to properly address.  Meeting reasonable timetables with these projects is a function of the contractor’s organizational and project management skills, as well as his or her knowledge of potential issues and how to address them.  We recommend working with a sharp, educated contractor who communicates clearly and can explain in detail how any problems on your job will be addressed. 

We would like to purchase our own materials and just have you guys install everything?


The short answer is yes – however, this approach can be problematic.  We understand if a client buys a special towel bar or other small item, but we would greatly prefer to provide all of the major fixtures and materials for your job.  This way, you can depend on us to ensure that everything is sized and ordered correctly for your exact application.  This is part of the reason you hire professionals like us – to ensure that snags and hassles are minimized, and that the details are left to our trained professional eyes.

Here’s an example of why this can be an issue.  Some time ago, we worked with a client who had visited a discount house and purchased a particular ceramic tile with a high-gloss finish.  Even after being informed that the tile’s finish tended to crack and flake at the edges when cut, they still wanted us to build their shower walls from this tile and “do our best” with it, since they had bought it at a deep discount.  Unfortunately, this was a discount tile for a reason.  Just as we feared, when we cut the tile, the finish flaked badly and the cut edges exposed more of the orange-brown ceramic base color underneath than was expected.  The client ended up having us paint the edges of the tile to help cover up the areas where the finish had flaked, so their discount tile ended up not being a great cost-saving option after all.

We will go to great lengths to avoid these kinds of situations by informing and having up-front conversations with our clients.  Just like working with any other professional, when you trust the person you work with and rely on their expertise to guide you, the outcome is typically much better!

Will I be able to select my own style of cabinets and fixtures?

 Of course. We have a vast selection of styles from Modern to Traditional, whether you are doing a full or partial remodel. This also includes cabinet selections in a wide variety of finishes and door styles. All our vanity's are custom made which guarantee's you top quality.  

How many paint color choices will I have, what brand of paint do you use?

 We use only the finest Pratt & Lambert paint finishes and have thousands of colors to choose from. 

Will I have a good selection of tiles, countertops, granite and marble?

 Yes. Our tile, solid surface countertops and natural stone countertops come in a large variety of styles and colors. We can provide granite, marble, Quartz, Caeserstone, Silestone and Corastone tops as well as other options. Although our tile, accent and liners selection is virtually unlimited, most of our clients prefer we assist them in narrowing the selection to assist them in the decision making process. 

Am I limited in choice of bathroom fixtures / lighting fixtures?

 While the fixture and lighting selection is virtually unlimited, we have chosen the most popular and highest quality fixtures from hundreds of well known manufacturers like Kohler, Moen, Grohe and Toto. The key is to use quality products that we have tested and are certain will look great, serve you for many, many years and fit within a reasonable budget. 

Will the material used be top quality?

 We only use the highest quality, products  is why we are able to guarantee our projects. Additionally, we want you to be able to enjoy your dream bathroom without any warranty issues for many, many years. 

Is there a guarantee on the work?

 Yes. All of our work carries a one year warranty and many of our products have warranties as long as “lifetime”. We’ll be happy to explain the details in our conversation with you.